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The FSA is a friendly face, available to help parents

Comments from parents who have worked with Sheena:

‘Great stuff. Sometimes hard work but worth the effort. Would recommend - Thank you.’

‘It has really helped my house. Things are calmer, quieter and there is a lot more respect. I am finally in charge.’

‘My child and I have learned to work together and achieve our goals.’

‘It’s good to meet other parents with the same problems. It’s informative and fun. I would highly recommend.’

‘This was an amazing experience. Finding out new/different ways to handle my kid’s behaviour has been an absolute saviour. I now feel brilliant about myself and my parenting skills. I have learned so much .’

Click here to find out about group meetings happening in our area, which are designed to help with different aspects of parenting, whether it be behavioural or because your child has specific needs.